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Morning at Church

2015-11-02T09:20:46-08:00November 2015|Ministry, Outpouring, Testimonies|

Los Angeles, CA (1 November 2015) - This one is going to fall into the category of "non-linear stories that I can't explain very well." I went to church this morning, and a woman asked me to pray for her because she has been having intense stomach and intestinal problems since having [ Read More ]

October 2015

Ending a Week on a High Note

2015-10-31T16:54:43-07:00October 2015|History, Testimonies|

Los Angeles, CA (31 October 2015) - This has been a week with high highs and low lows. Every once in a while, something wonderful happens, though. This week I met with Carol Wimber-Wong, John Wimber's widow who remarried Kenneth Wong after John's death. We talked at some length about all that [ Read More ]

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