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A Damaged Face Grows Back!

2020-04-30T19:25:15-07:00April 2016|Testimonies|

Los Angeles, CA (19 April 2016) - One of the more dramatic prayer engagements we had in El Salvador two weeks ago was with a man who had cancer, Jose Santos Luna. His face was LITERALLY half eaten away. His eyeball was gone, as was most of his nose, and his [ Read More ]

AzusaNow! Reflections

2017-10-18T20:29:02-07:00April 2016|History, Outpouring, Testimonies|

Denver to Indianapolis (37,000 feet) - It was a rewarding but exhausting weekend. I managed to teach or preach (or both) at two churches in addition to attending AzusaNow! I got home at 3:25 AM on Monday morning, exhausted but satisfied with the weekend's efforts. AzusaNow! is what many are talking about [ Read More ]

A Healing Case Study

2017-10-18T20:29:02-07:00April 2016|History, Ministry, Testimonies|

Pullman, WA (6 April 2016) - I am writing from Washington State University. I came up here to celebrate Anastasia's birthday with her tonight, thanks to many frequent flyer miles. I haven't had much time to post of late, so I thought I would take a few minutes to do so here. [ Read More ]

February 2016

Melbourne – Day Two (18 February 2016)

2017-10-18T20:29:02-07:00February 2016|Conferences, Testimonies|

Melbourne, VIC (20 February 2016) - I finished up with the leaders meeting in central Melbourne yesterday after jointly speaking in the night session with Margaret Court, the former-tennis-star-turned-pastor-from-Perth. I presented a portion of session one of my Quo Vadis leadership conference, complete with powerpoint slides and received extremely positive feedback from [ Read More ]

Melbourne – Day One (17 Feb 2016)

2016-02-19T12:00:36-08:00February 2016|Conferences, Testimonies|

Melbourne, VIC (18 February 2016) - I am headed downtown today for a gathering of leaders from the church, business, education, and politics. This is not a large gathering in the sense of charismatic conferences led by highly visible speakers with awesome worship and inspiring sermons. This is a working session that [ Read More ]