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September 2017

just thanks

2022-06-03T12:14:33-07:00September 2017|Testimonies|

4 years ago my husband died after a few months battle with cancer. I found myself at age 55 completely alone (no family left). I didn't have the time or opportunity to grieve...being self employed I just had to dive back into work ASAP. Although the "outside" part of my life was [ Read More ]

June 2017

May 2017

a stirring

2022-06-03T13:28:34-07:00May 2017|Testimonies|

Dear Ken, You may remember me from the weekend in Chicago; we spoke for a very brief minute between sessions. I had a great experience at the conference there, and your word for me seemed very significant as I’ve been rabidly pursuing “more” from the Lord for the past two years. (Your [ Read More ]

March 2017

Widening the Circle

2017-10-18T20:29:01-07:00March 2017|Ministry, Mission, Outpouring, Testimonies, Vision|

In 2011, the Lord was moving with great power and speed across Australia. He was igniting fires of passion, and there were some rather breathtaking encounters and signs and wonders. However, this wasn't revival (as that word is commonly understood), notwithstanding its many positive attributes. It was only a precursor, one that [ Read More ]

February 2017

January 2017

New Year in New York

2017-10-18T20:29:01-07:00January 2017|Conferences, Outpouring, Testimonies|

New York City, NY (Jan 2, 2017) - Happy New Year to all! I probably should have posted on New Year's Eve or yesterday, but I was here for the holiday weekend leading an intensive training seminar for a group of about 40 New Yorkers (and those who came from CT, NJ, [ Read More ]