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December 2019

Healing from food allergies

2022-06-03T14:13:33-07:00December 2019|Testimonies|

When Ken was here a couple of weeks ago, I went forward with a large group of people for deliverance and healing from food allergies. I'm happy to report that I have been able to eat pepper (seasoning) since then. God is good, all the time.


2020-01-25T16:40:30-08:00December 2019|Testimonies|

Hi Ken-Just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your teaching & training that you're doing online and traveling the world; Just to let you know after meeting you in Scotland and Speyer, Germany and you prayed for me, God has been moving more powerfully through me as I pray [ Read More ]

Infected Implant

2019-12-09T15:00:58-08:00December 2019|Testimonies|

I had a bad and infected implant in R/H side bottom Jaw almost 5 years. I refused surgery used natural remedies to keep it under control. During Ken's visit in Australia i went forward for prayer with other people with issues to teeth and jaws. (Ken's word of knowledge) After a [ Read More ]

November 2019

Jesus instantly healed me!

2022-06-03T14:14:03-07:00November 2019|Testimonies|

This weekend was awesome! I bought several teachings and am learning so much. You prayed for healing of food allergies and I cannot eat gluten. I was healed at the altar and felt it leave! But I felt a little hesitant about eating bread yet.... So I wake up early this morning [ Read More ]

I have been set free

2022-06-03T14:14:11-07:00November 2019|Testimonies|

Written in response to a ministry team member at a recent KFM meeting: “Good morning. I think you will be blessed to know that God Is speaking to me quite clearly. I have been carrying worms in my lower digestive tract for many years. They have been attacking my body and soul, [ Read More ]

October 2019

He had been healed of everything

2022-06-03T14:14:20-07:00October 2019|Testimonies|

From a teammate who was with me in Athens: I prayed for a man in his early 30s with paralysis on the left side of his head/cheek, stomach pain, arm pain, and knee pain all on the left side which impeded his mobility. I prayed for him for quite a while and [ Read More ]

August 2019

July 2019

KFM testimony from Australia, 2019

2022-06-03T13:27:10-07:00July 2019|Testimonies|

It was a privilege to have Ken Fish minister Jesus’ healing power to me for neck and shoulder pain originating from injuries dating back 20-30+ years! I had broken my arm close to my shoulder after falling off a horse when I was 10 years of age while being foolhardy and riding [ Read More ]

June 2019

So grateful for what the Lord has done

2022-06-03T14:11:25-07:00June 2019|Testimonies|

Dear Ken, Reading your newsletter - especially the section at Speyer - made me so grateful for what the Lord has done on the conference and in my life. On Friday (31st May) you had a word of knowledge at the Vineyard conference that there is at least one person sitting in [ Read More ]

May 2019

Now, my hip is fine.

2022-06-03T14:12:12-07:00May 2019|Testimonies|

Dear Ken. I wanted to let you know how God is using you in such a wonderful way. I met you briefly at the Kingdom School of Ministry at the Vineyard Community Church where you and Bruce Stratton prayed for my hip to be healed. This was in September 2017. I can [ Read More ]