Orbis Ministries, Inc.TM was birthed out of the conviction that the cry of the 16th century Reformers, “Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda” (The Church having been reformed must always continue being reformed), is the pathway to fulfilling the vision for the wisdom of God to be revealed to the current age. However, Orbis does not exist merely for the benefit of the Church. Orbis works with corporations, government agencies and educational institutions to bring the wisdom of God to the world in the everyday affairs of life. We partner with leaders to effect societal transformation by teaching and demonstrating the principles of the Kingdom of God in tangible, practical ways.

We welcome you to join us pursuing the Kingdom of God, “On earth, as it is in heaven.”

Vision Statement:

To train and equip Christian leaders to engage substantively with culture in order to transform it according to the values and practices of the Kingdom of God.


Renewal begins when an individual or a group of individuals in a church or a community awakens to God. Often, such renewals are marked by obvious and profound moves of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes a malaise or …


When renewal spills outside of the church it becomes revival. As experiences with God proliferate, “God stories” become commonplace, bringing light into new contexts outside of the Church. As people experience renewal, …


As a revival gains a foothold in a society, people’s values and lifestyle begin changing. They begin living biblically, following the principles and practices of the kingdom of God in their own lives. In the process, like leaven working through a lump of dough …