Fast for Isreal

In May of this year, there was a global fast for Israel of 21 days duration, as many prophets and intercessors were hearing and sensing that danger was coming. As most would be aware, a war started on October 7 when Hamas attacked Israel in the early morning hours. A truce was negotiated which began on Friday, November 24 during which some hostages (not all) taken by Hamas on October 7 were exchanged for convicted Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. That truce lapsed in the early hours of December 1.

With the resumption of the war, a coalition of leaders in the body of Christ has felt that it is time for another 21-day fast. This fast will commence on December 2 and end on December 22. We are asking all participants to fast as you feel led – whether a Daniel-Fast, one meal per day, or complete abstinence from food.

Additionally, we would like to begin a cycle of monthly seven-day fasts beginning on January 2-8, and continuing over these same dates each month until the war is over and the current wave of global antisemitism subsides. We will post periodic updates about this subsequent wave of monthly fasts after the current 21-day fast ends.

This is admittedly short notice, but the fast which Esther called for her people (Esther 4:12-17) began on a moment’s notice as well. Reducing or ceasing eating doesn’t need a long preparation period. We hope you will join with us in fasting for the peace and safety of Jerusalem (Ps. 122:6).

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