August 2023

Hip healing

2023-08-05T16:27:27-07:00August 2023|Testimonies|

During the meeting we attended, while he was speaking, Ken pointed to the left side of the room and said he felt God wanted to heal someone’s left hip. Coming into the evening my right hip had been one of the things I was going to seek healing for. I waited until [ Read More ]

Orbis Prayers

2023-08-05T16:28:09-07:00August 2023|Testimonies|

Last week I was attended by two Orbis Prayers who spent considerable time helping me with a number of personal issues which needed divine work. I found this most beneficial, covering some issues which I had faced unsuccessfully before. There were, particularly, revelations of reasons for problems still existing in my advanced [ Read More ]

April 2023

I’ve been studying scriptures extensively…

2023-04-20T13:58:33-07:00April 2023|Testimonies|

I received a referral from a friend whom I met fairly recently at church. We instantly connected over a desire to see people free, to be used by God in helping others and having had similar experiences with dreams and visions and encounters with Holy Spirit. I’ve been studying scriptures extensively and [ Read More ]

March 2023

April 2022

We find Inner Healing has been helpful for us

2022-06-06T13:55:02-07:00April 2022|Testimonies|

We have been sharing Ken's teaching at our small groups because as you may know our mission field [Southeast Asian nation - Ed.] is full of suffering and hurts in individuals and families. This is one of the main blockages here to church progress. Since we find Inner Healing has been helpful [ Read More ]

March 2022

I had a history of a hunched back.

2022-06-03T14:44:52-07:00March 2022|Testimonies|

I have a few testimonies from the weekend, and I will share this one now. I had a history of a hunched back. I had been significantly healed of if about 3 years ago, it runs in women in my family and is directly tied to misogyny. In the past 5 months [ Read More ]

February 2022

January 2022

Four healings after the prayer.

2022-06-06T14:25:47-07:00January 2022|Testimonies|

Hi Ken. You mentioned the prayer of healing from COVID, so I went on YouTube and found your prayer. I’ve shared with a few people and have heard of four healings after the prayer. God Bless!