March 2023

April 2022

We find Inner Healing has been helpful for us

2022-06-06T13:55:02-07:00April 2022|Testimonies|

We have been sharing Ken's teaching at our small groups because as you may know our mission field [Southeast Asian nation - Ed.] is full of suffering and hurts in individuals and families. This is one of the main blockages here to church progress. Since we find Inner Healing has been helpful [ Read More ]

March 2022

I had a history of a hunched back.

2022-06-03T14:44:52-07:00March 2022|Testimonies|

I have a few testimonies from the weekend, and I will share this one now. I had a history of a hunched back. I had been significantly healed of if about 3 years ago, it runs in women in my family and is directly tied to misogyny. In the past 5 months [ Read More ]

February 2022

January 2022

Four healings after the prayer.

2022-06-06T14:25:47-07:00January 2022|Testimonies|

Hi Ken. You mentioned the prayer of healing from COVID, so I went on YouTube and found your prayer. I’ve shared with a few people and have heard of four healings after the prayer. God Bless!

December 2021

Ignite Conference

2022-06-03T13:25:26-07:00December 2021|Testimonies|

Orbis Ministries, I have wanted to write for a while about the Ignite Conference but have been so busy with the end of the year business needs, it has delayed my communication. I had the privilege to be part of the prayer team and though the number of participants were light I [ Read More ]


2022-06-03T13:25:21-07:00December 2021|Testimonies|

Ken, I am a woman from MorningStar that was in your training sessions and recently joined our "freedom teams." I wanted to let you know that on Wednesday night I prayed for someone online from a distance. She had a head injury years ago and had difficulty connecting thoughts and concentrating, to [ Read More ]

November 2021

I know I wasn’t the same.

2022-06-06T14:19:59-07:00November 2021|Testimonies|

Back in April 2021 Ken visited our church. Of course, when Ken comes, he has an awesome word and ministry. Saturday was a little different as Ken had finished his message and began to give prophetic words to folks. At one point he came up to me and grabbed my hand and [ Read More ]