I need to change my recurring donation (card #, amount, etc.)2021-01-21T19:07:23-08:00

If you made your donation via our partner Aplos.com, please use their support system for getting help.

If you set up a recurring donation to a nonprofit or church that uses Aplos, it is simple to log in and manage your donation and payment information! If you have not already done so, you will need to verify your My Aplos profile here.

Once that is complete, you will be able to login and manage your donation. Your Username is your Email that you donated with, then you can enter your password.

From there, you will want to go to the Recurring Donations page listed under the Dashboard section of your navigation menu (shown below) and click the menu button under Actions:

If you just need to update payment details, select Edit Recurring Donation.

This will take you to the page where you can edit the payment amount, frequency of billing, and the designation of the purpose of your gift.

If you wish to update your payment method, locate the payment method section and select the pencil icon on the right. This will prompt you to update your payment method. Select the preferred payment method (credit/debit card or ACH). Once selected, enter your payment information below. If you prefer to pay for the transaction fee, check the box “Pay transaction fee for this and all future gifts” at the bottom. This will display your total donation amount. Once complete, click “Update” at the top.

Additional Notes:
If you missed a payment because your donation failed to process, you can return to the main Recurring Donation page, click the Menu button again under Actions, and select Reprocess Donation.
This will process your donation immediately after you’ve updated your billing information.

From this same menu, you may also utilize the Pause Donation option to temporarily stop your recurring payment, or the Cancel Recurring Donation option to permanently disable this recurring payment.

For more details regarding managing your online donations, as well as navigating around your My Aplos account, please check the following resources from our Support Center:

How to Change Your Recurring Donation

My Aplos Overview


Contact Aplos Customer Support directly for assistance at  1.888.274.1316 or via email at support@aplos.com

I just registered but I can’t log in.2021-01-21T19:03:38-08:00

You should receive an email thanking you for your registration. If you did not, please check your ‘spam’ box.

We are a membership-based website, and while membership is free, it requires approval. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for your membership to be approved, at which time you will receive another email with your login information. Again, check your spam box if you didn’t receive it.

Some providers such as Earthlink require the sender of the email to take action so that our emails can be received by their clients. We do not provide this service, so please use an email that does not require any action for you to receive it.

Where can I mail a donation check?2020-05-13T22:41:19-07:00

If you would like to donate to Orbis by check, please make the check payable to South Bay Community Resource Center (SBCRC) if you would like a tax donation receipt. All other product or ministry trip checks should be made out to Orbis Ministries, Inc. All checks can be sent to 24050 Madison St. #211 Torrance, CA 90505.

Why does my PayPal donation go to South Bay Community Resource Center (SBCRC)?2020-05-13T22:41:57-07:00

South Bay Community Resource Center is a partner ministry to Orbis. 100% of the donations processed through SBCRC go directly to Orbis Ministries, Inc.TM. By donating through SBCRC donors are able to receive a tax donation receipt at the end of the year because of it’s non-profit status. If you donate through our PayPal button, your gift will appear as a donation to SBCRC.

I can’t download my purchase!2016-10-12T21:17:54-07:00

Some of the files, especially the videos, are quite large, up to a gigabyte. While we have done everything possible to make our site provide fast downloads, sometimes you’ll still ‘time out’ if your internet connection is less than ideal. The largest files are served via Amazon Web Services, which is an extremely reliable and fast server.

We are working on creating additional downloadable videos that are formatted for smaller screens and will be smaller in file size.

If a download is not working for you, you may either request a refund, and/or upgrade to a hard disc. Please use the contact form here to do so. You may also call, please note our office hours. We will do everything we can do accommodate your purchase!

Why do I have to register?2020-05-13T22:41:40-07:00

Thank you for visiting Orbis Ministries, Inc.TM. We ask our guests to register so we can know with whom we are relating, to deter hackers and spammers, and to reduce our visibility to stalkers (an unfortunate reality). While we process registrations as fast as we can, there might be a delay between creating your account and having it approved. Therefore you might not be able to access the site until you received an addition email notifying you that your account is approved.

We recognize that it is unusual for ministries to ask their guests to register. However, most of our visitors are accustomed to signing on to their favorite online shopping sites, bank and brokerage sites, music download sites and more. In this sense, we are actually quite mainstream. We have a no spam policy, so please register with confidence.

I can’t log into Gideon’s 300.2020-05-02T14:16:08-07:00

Our Gideon’s 300 donation system required a separate database, so that the donations could be tracked for tax purposes separate from merchandise purchases. That also means a separate user account. You do not need to log in to visit the Gideon’s 300 website, however you DO need to create an account to use the Donation Subscription software, which can be created at checkout, and also to view your donation preferences.

We realize this is a lot to keep track of, so we’ve offered other methods of donating here.

I forgot/lost/misplaced my password.2020-05-02T14:16:38-07:00

Not to worry! You can reset your password here.

If that isn’t working, get help at this page.

Orbis Ministries, Inc.TM is founded on the belief that the suffering of Jesus Christ will ultimately result in the manifold wisdom of God being displayed to the world through his people, the Church, which is the body of Christ (Eph. 3:10).