In October 2023, we hosted the FUSION conference in Nashville, TN, where we gathered together with a fantastic line-up of teachers and prophets to explore the fusion of PROPHECY and MIRACLES in the kingdom of God. This year, we return to Nashville for the IGNITION conference!


Late in 2022, the scientific community announced the world’s first successful nuclear fusion experiment in which more energy was released than was put into the experiment. When there is net production of energy from a nuclear fusion process, this is scientifically known as “IGNITION.” Since that first successful experiment in 2022 producing 3 megajoules of energy, recent fusion experiments have produced world-record 69 megajoules of energy. This is the next step toward a truly sustainable energy source for humanity.

Similarly, our IGNITION conference follows the FUSION conference to explore how we can PARTNER with God to BUILD a SUSTAINABLE MOVE of God in our generation.

Join us in Nashville for Kingdom IGNITION!


THU 3 October 2024 – SAT 5 Oct 2024


Bethel World Outreach Church

5670 Granny White Pike
Brentwood, TN 37027