Orbis Prayer Ministry Network (OPMN) is an online network of Christian prayer ministers and a ministry of Orbis Ministries.

Since its founding in 2022, OPMN provides over 3,000 prayer appointments every year via Zoom. Each prayer session is led by a Lead Prayer Minister and joined by an Assistant Prayer Minister.

In addition to being a prolific healing ministry, OPMN also serves as a TRAINING CENTER to equip and train capable prayer ministers – very much like a medical center that trains physicians while providing medical care.

Our prayer ministers are mature Christians trained in prayer ministry modalities of physical healing, inner healing, deliverance and prophecy through Orbis School of Ministry (OSM). They have taken the OSM introductory (100 level) courses on physical healing, inner healing, deliverance and prophecy, requiring approximately 2 years of studying. Our lead prayer ministers have also taken our OSM advanced (200 level) courses on prophecy and integrated healing model, which is the third year of our curriculum.

Each prayer minister must pass a criminal background check and sign a code of ethics.

Finally, each prayer minister has been examined by the teaching staff of Orbis School of Ministry (during a live prayer appointment setting) during an IMMERSE conference and is approved by our founder, Ken Fish.

OPMN is headed by Ken Fish, our Founder, and supervised by Rev. Matthew Y. Suh, MD MPH (Director of Prayer Ministry).

If you meet the qualifications stated above and are interested in applying to be an OPMN prayer minister, please EMAIL prayer (at) orbisministries.org

We do NOT evaluate by online meetings.