It was a privilege to have Ken Fish minister Jesus’ healing power to me for neck and shoulder pain originating from injuries dating back 20-30+ years!

I had broken my arm close to my shoulder after falling off a horse when I was 10 years of age while being foolhardy and riding the horse bareback and backwards while my cousin led it on, laughing despite my pleas to stop. In recent years I had begun to suffer an increasingly oppressive osteoarthritic type of pain coming from my arm, something Ken was able to diagnose during the ministry session.

I had also sustained a whiplash accident in my twenties. I was specifically driving in the middle lane just below speed limit and aware of a car waiting in a left-hand side street. The driver must have been under the influence of something as she proceeded to drive directly into the side of my car sending me spinning across the median strip to the other side. A witness stopped and offered to give evidence but my father who had also arrived on the scene shook his head, politely refusing the offer. So, I trustingly followed suit. He was concerned that I have a clear record.

I could not move the next day or two and after this I began to get terrible headaches requiring chiropractic visits for years and having to leave work early so that I could go home and lie in the dark until I sleep came, the pain eventually leaving before I woke. I also found long car trips excruciating and would have to lie down after arriving. This pain was something that I became used to and that I managed with things like magnesium powder, chiropractic visits and massages until years later after marrying and having kids, I was called out during a Tim Hall healing meeting in Newcastle. “Arthritis in the neck” and he pointed to me. A few days before I had quietly prayed “Lord, please heal my neck” and here I was being called out first in the meeting. I went forward for prayer and that night as I went to sleep, I felt a sensation like liquid honey flow down my neck and spine. I felt a lot of relief from this and no longer visited chiropractors. I also began to study the bible, particularly divine health and the believer’s authority over the enemy’s works. We as a family began to walk in faith and saw healing in others as well as experiencing general good health amongst ourselves.

But despite this understanding and knowledge that It is God’s will to heal, there seemed to be remnants of something that had begun troubling me again, a debilitating pain oscillating between my shoulder and neck so it was difficult to know where it was coming from exactly. Sometimes if I overused my arm I began to need to rest and the headaches would sometimes happen too, even from just lying on my back when my neck had no support. I had a radiating pain, like a pinched nerve, emanating from between the vertebrae of my neck, the precise location spiritually discerned by Ken.

Several things happened in the weeks leading up to my deliverance. I’d had scar revision surgery and the painkillers given had relieved me of significant pain in the neck and shoulder region. I now recognised that I had become used to a chronic osteoarthritic type of pain, something Ken was able to diagnose during the ministry session. This pain had also caused me to be irritable when it was more severe such as if I’d overused my arm during domestic chores or work tasks. I would then have to lie down for several hours and wait for the pain to subside.

I began to pray about this pain and the Holy Spirit clearly revealed a picture of the black scorpion-pincer like afflicting spirit that spanned my neck, spine and arm through a visual flash. I had also specifically prayed to be transformed from being an irritable person due to pain. This was before I even knew that Ken Fish was scheduled to be here.

During the meeting the Lord reminded me of the horse accident, and I heard the word “arthritis.” When ministering healing to me, Ken identified a need for me to forgive people involved in both incidents. Ken also received a word of knowledge about my temperament and this was an answer to my prayer. Ken also mentioned a “crushed spirit”, words that had also come to me in the weeks leading up to the event. God was dealing with a lot more than the physical injuries.

After this Ken declared the mercy of God over me and proceeded to lay hands on the afflicted regions and release the healing power of Jesus to me. Although I have received significant degrees of healing in my neck before, I have never had someone spend this much time and effort going into battle so thoroughly on my behalf and after several minutes of Ken ministering and calling out the specific locations that the afflicting spirit had anchored to and commanding it to go, I felt a warmth, lightness and freedom in the areas that had previously been afflicted.

These injuries that negatively impacted every aspect of my life have finally gone, praise Jesus. I’ve tested my arm and neck over the past week and am waking up pain free and able to do so much more, not realising how restricted I had been until now. I also feel more relaxed and am not getting easily irritated as I was before.

All glory to King Jesus who nailed the charges that were against us to the cross over 2000 years ago and by his stripes we are healed. I’m so grateful to Ken for his compassion and faithfulness in building up and serving the body of Christ and his dedication to preaching and demonstrating the goodness and reality of the Kingdom of God, to be manifested on earth as it is in heaven.

Love and blessings![Edited. Used by permission. -BH]