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November 2017

October 2017


By |October 2017|

SYNCRETISM - WARNING: This is a lengthy post. DEFINITION Syncretism (Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, accessed 11 Oct 2017) noun syn·cre·tism \ ˈsiŋ-krə-ˌti-zəm , ˈsin- \ 1 :the combination of different forms of belief or practice 2 :the fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms [ Read More ]

Praying for Drug Addiction

By |October 2017|

Los Angeles, CA (10 October 2017) - This is a strange story, but highly illustrative. I recently prayed for a man in his mid-30s. He has struggled with heroin addiction since he was in his mid-20s (12 years total). At one point he seemingly had [ Read More ]

Oklahoma City Recap (8 October 2017)

By |October 2017|

Los Angeles, CA (8 October 2017) - I'm back from Oklahoma City. We had a remarkable time at Convergence as 1500 Reformed pastors and leaders converged to hear about signs and wonders, prophecy, and healing. There were several excellent speakers, including Jack Deere, Sam Storms, [ Read More ]

August 2017

Mid-August Update

By |August 2017|

Hello Friends, I've been pretty quiet of late. I have had a number of personal matters that are consuming a lot of time, and I have been traveling a lot. Often the early mornings and the late nights don't leave much time for writing posts [ Read More ]

May 2017

New York Ablaze!

By |May 2017|

Los Angeles (14 May 2017) - I arrived home from New York City this morning after taking the first flight of the day back to Los Angeles. It is Mother's Day after all, and there was a Mother's Day brunch waiting. The weekend was packed [ Read More ]


By |May 2017|

I am not a particularly patient person. This is classic to "Type A" personalities, and while it can be efficient, it isn't always gracious, or caring, or gentle. In contrast, whether we travel or simply go to dinner, my wife must gather her belongings, put [ Read More ]

March 2017

Coming Home!

By |March 2017|

Los Angeles, CA (22 March 2017) - I have been home three days, and I am still running hard to catch up from the three week trip to Oz. It is 12:55 AM as I write this, so I will keep it short. Tonight, I [ Read More ]

February 2017

December 2016

Christmas Thoughts – 2016

By |December 2016|

Merry Christmas to all! I was meditating on the story of the nativity, and my thoughts were drawn to the fact that to answer the census decree of Caesar Augustus, Joseph left Nazareth in Galilee, and he went to Judea took Mary to the city [ Read More ]

November 2016

Australia Trip Report #2

By |November 2016|

Melbourne, VIC (17 November 2016) - The meetings in Byron Bay were truly remarkable. The Holy Spirit flattened the room in every meeting, and we saw a LOT of deliverance that went for hours. It included Freemasonry, generational iniquity (not exactly direct deliverance, but when [ Read More ]

Australia November Trip Report #1

By |November 2016|

Byron Bay, NSW (10 November 2016) - We have finished our meetings in Brisbane, and we are now in Byron Bay, the new age capital of Australia. I'm here with my friends Phil Mason and Maria Mason who pastor The New Earth Tribe. The name [ Read More ]

October 2016

Costa Rica Report

By |October 2016|

Lancaster, PA (18 October 2016) - The team returned from Costa Rica on Monday morning. It was a short trip of less than a week, but action-packed. Most of the meetings were held in a tent and well-attended. We had some tremendous healings, including a [ Read More ]

September 2016

Taiwan Finale

By |September 2016|

Undisclosed Location, China (30 September 2016) - I'm surprised I'm able to get onto Facebook. I have not been able to do this on past trips here, and I keep wondering when the connection will end. So, I'll keep it brief. A couple of days [ Read More ]

Clarification on The Immaculate Conception

By |September 2016|

In the most recent interview with Eric Metaxas, a question came up about the Immaculate Conception. This is NOT related to the question of whether Jesus Christ was born without sin, nor does it relate to whether he lived a sinless life. The Scriptures affirm [ Read More ]

August 2016

Sydney Wrap-Up

By |August 2016|

Sydney, NSW (1 September 2016) - I was an amazing night last night at Jubilee Church. Thank you to Fini and Isi De Gersigny who hosted me, and to all who prayed. I felt the freedom of the Spirit and the joy of people who [ Read More ]

Surprises in Sydney

By |August 2016|

Sydney, NSW (30 August 2016) - This is a short "God Moments" story. I left the Castle Hill district of Sydney today. The weekend was rich and full, and the dynamic interplay between the speakers was something that could not have been orchestrated. David Wagner [ Read More ]

Brisbane Report #2

By |August 2016|

Brisbane, QLD (21 August 2016) - The weekend at Rivers Apostolic Center (formerly River of Life Church) concluded last night. These meetings can best be summarized as "epic." We had some amazing healings, and the deliverance (in particular) was on a scale I've not seen [ Read More ]