Orbis School of Ministry is pleased to partner with churches who wish to utilize our online courses in six key topic areas for the purposes of discipleship, leadership development and prayer ministry team training.

The following courses are offered in six key topic areas:

  • Heal as Jesus Healed 101 – 103 (three courses on physical healing)
  • He Restores My Soul 101 – 103 (three courses on inner healing)
  • Breaking Bondage 101 – 103 (three courses on deliverance)
  • Prophesy with the Prophets 101 – 103 (three courses on basic prophecy)
  • Deep Restoration 201 – 203 (three courses on integrated healing model)
    Recommend completing HAJH, HRMS and BB as prerequisite
  • Advanced Prophetic Ministry 201 – 203 (three courses on advanced prophecy)
    Recommend completing PWTP as prerequisite

Each topic area has three courses (ex: 101, 102 and 103), and each course has instructional videos scheduled for an approximately one month-long study.

Every video course is taught by Rev. Ken Fish, Founder of Orbis Ministries, and is designed to ground your church on the scriptural basis of these Holy Spirit-based prayer ministry modalities.

In addition, your church will work with an Orbis School of Ministry Coach, an experienced teaching staff member who will help you implement your courses and help guide and/or facilitate online activation and impartation meetings during your courses (six meetings per topic area).


  1. ONE church license gives lifelong, permanent access to ONE topic of your choice for ONE person (with appropriate prerequisite requirements) on OrbisSM.com
  2. Your church purchases a bulk order of licenses using our invoice (see below for pricing)
  3. Each of your students signs up for a free account on OrbisSM.com at https://orbissm.com/sign_up
  4. Your church emails our team (licensing@orbissm.com) the names and email addresses registered on step #3 with the desired course name.
  5. Our team loads the course to your students’ accounts listed in step #4.
  6. Your students log in to https://orbissm.com to access the course.


One topic area (with three courses each) typically sells at $819/topic.
With our church licensing program, each topic is discounted to at minimum 63% OFF. We offer transparent pricing that offers increasing discount as you purchase more.

  1. Calculate how many licenses you will need.
    Licenses Needed = (# of persons) x (# of topics)
    Round up to the nearest 5
  2. Look up the price per license in the chart below
  3. Cost = (# of License Needed) X (Price per License per Topic)
  1. If you wish to continue studying additional topics AFTER your initial purchase, we offer discount pricing reflecting your cumulative purchases.

    EXAMPLE: Your church purchases 30 licenses for 30 students studying one topic.
    Cost of First Purchase = 30 licenses x $250 = $7,500
    Then, your church purchases 30 more licenses for 30 students to study a second topic.
    Cost of Second Purchase = 30 licenses x $190 = $5,700 (saving $1,800)
    Total Cost = $7,500 + $5,700 = $13,200
    IF your church purchases 60 licenses up front,
    Total Cost = 60 licenses x $190 = $11,400 (saving additional $1,800)

Recommended Learning Pathways