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  • Awakenings!

    In the first message, "The Anatomy of an Awakening," Ken presents a study of the spiritual dynamics behind a move of God. Drawn from the book of Daniel, this message explores the components of an awakening, and it also describes how one unfolds so the Christian can cooperate with God in seeing it come to pass. In the second message, "Josiah's Awakening," Ken unpacks the divine and human factors behind what was arguably the greatest awakening of the Old Testament. He describes twelve key initiatives that result in the fundamental change of society. Three CD set or MP3 download.
  • What does it mean to receive a calling from God? How does one recognize a calling? Are all callings to full time ministry? In this series, drawn from the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Ken explores the different ways God calls people, and how he clarifies that calling over time...often through challenging circumstances. [Note: this is a reduced-price compilation of 3 messages that are also available singly as The Calling of Voices, Unstopping the Wells, and Name Change: How Jacob Became Israel.]
  • The Bible encourages us to consider Elijah’s faith in order that we may become like him and prevail in prayer (Jas. 5:16-18). In this message, Ken explores the key aspects of Elijah’s prayer for rain in order that we can similarly find breakthrough answers to our own prayers.
  • Fire on the Prairie!

    In August 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, racial tension in America, and a contentious presidential election, Ken was asked to preach an old-fashioned tent revival in Iowa called, "Fire on the Prairie." These messages are from those meetings. They carry themes of repentance, holiness, and restoration. ("CD Ships to Australia" is not yet available.)
  • God’s dealings with us are intimately bound up with His plans for our lives. In this message, Ken explores how God led Jacob the deceiver on a journey that caused him to become Israel, the one who strove with God and prevailed.
  • Many Christians have been taught to expect an "abomination that causes desolation" in the end times. They are surprised to learn that this prophetic signpost already exists, and has existed for many centuries! Thus, the hour is already much later than they would dare to believe. Come hear the meaning of this important marker on the Father's timeline. [CD and MP3 Download]
  • The Calling of Levi

    Many struggle to understand what calling, if any, God has upon their life. This message, based on the calling of St. Matthew, explores how calling is discerned, activated and fulfilled.
  • The Empowered Church

    How does a Christian receive an impartation of the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit? How do we cultivate God's intent that we experience His power and that it grows in us? What does an empowered church look like? Join Ken as he explores the answers to these questions in this 3-message set. 1. What Is Impartation? 2. Cultivating Spiritual Power 3. A Portrait of the Empowered Church
  • Join Ken as he examines “awakening” as the mingling of renewal of faith among the people of God, revival in which many “outsiders” come to the Lord, and reformation of the mores and customs in our civilization. Such awakenings occur when we become singularly focused on the work to which he has called us in our time, as the scriptures declare, “…the Lord is with you, when you are with him.” Moreover, as he fulfills his word to the people of Israel, to the church and to the land, “…for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the Lord.”
  • The Making of a Spiritual Man is a study of the life of Joseph, a man who suffered great trials at the hands of his own family and peers, yet without losing his faith. In this study, Ken describes how Joseph grew stronger in his faith despite these challenges. Single CD or MP3 download.
  • Following the healing at the Beautiful Gate, Peter offered the Jewish people “times of refreshing” through repentance, returning to the Lord, and having their sins wiped away. However, the ultimate goal was larger than times of refreshing: it was (and is) the return of Jesus himself. Join Ken as he explores how following Peter’s plan of refreshing will hasten the return of Christ.
  • In this message, Ken discusses the greatest threat to true Christianity today: the mingling of Christianity with other religious practices (syncretism). He discusses the roots of syncretism, what it looks like in modern life, and how to break free of this common snare. 2-CD Set or 2 MP3 Download
  • Five hundred years ago, the Western Church underwent a major reformation. If the Church of our time is to impact the societies in which it functions, it also needs a new reformation. Here are seven key principles to guide us going forward. [CD Ships to Australia is not yet available.]
  • Christmas is often thought of as a time of storybook pictures and family gatherings; however, the original Christmas was a time of great risk. In this message, Ken shows why the first Christmas was risky for Joseph and Mary, for Jesus, and for God the Father Himself. In so doing, he shows the summons that Christmas presents to each of us. (CD not yet available in Australia.)
  • In his first recorded sermon, found in Luke 4:18-19, Jesus preached from Isaiah 61:1-2. In our time, the Spirit of the Lord is again highlighting this passage, and he is releasing it to the wider Church. Join Ken as he explains the remarkable prophetic convergence that is again bringing this verse to the fore. [CD Ships to Australia is not yet available.]
  • In this two-part series, Ken discusses the foundational values of the Sermon on the Mount, and a personal statement of consecration as guidelines by which to govern one’s life. These from the foundation of character, which is the non-negotiable component of any successful service to God. “Character trumps gifting every time.” 2-CD set or MP3 download.
  • Jesus sent a message to the church of Ephesus at the end of the first century, admonishing that church to return to what had made it great in the beginning. In this message, Ken explores the practical implications of that message for the believer and for the church of today. Single CD or MP3 download.
  • This is a study of how visitations advance and decline based on historic precedence and modern experiences. 2-CD or mp3 downloads.
  • Based on the life of Isaac in Genesis 26, this message addresses how to unstop the wellsprings of revival in the life of a believer. Single CD or mp3 download.
  • Breakthrough intercessory prayer is often spoken of, but seldom understood. In this series, Ken explores the purpose of intercessory prayer, what it is and what it isn't, and how to pray with confidence in order to find breakthroughs. 1. Praying with Boldness 2. Listening Prayer 3. In One Accord: A Furnace of Prayer 4. Praying with Desperation 5. Prophetic Prayer Fuels Awakening [5-message set available on CD or via MP3 download]
  • In this series, Ken discusses the central tenet of Christianity: the Resurrection of Jesus. However, the resurrection isn't just a fact of history; it is a present reality that informs our sentiments, our expectations, and our lifestyle. This series concludes with a discussion of our personal choices and actions in the face of a darkening world. 1. The Hope of the Resurrection 2. As a Thief In the Night 3. The Return of the King 4. How Shall We Then Live?
  • In this message, Ken talks about he development of prophetic revelation through the 4000-year history of God’s people, including what it means when we say that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. He talks about prophecy in the early Church, and what the Scripture itself tells us we can expect between 2020 and 2040, based on the book of Daniel.
  • The Calling of Voices

    Based on the life of Abraham, this message addresses the nature of calling and the processes that God uses over a lifetime to refine us into vessels he can use. Single CD or MP3 download.
  • Most Christians want more spiritual power in their lives, yet most struggle to connect with God’s power. This challenging message from John 21 addresses five areas that God addresses in the lives of those to whom he gives his power. 2-CD set or MP3 download.
  • Fishing at Dawn

    “Fishing at Dawn” is a message that explores how God calls us back when we have made wrong choices. Single CD or MP3 download.
  • Come Up Higher

    This message based on Genesis 24 addresses the inter-generational nature of the current visitation and the need for fellowship to sustain it. Single CD or MP3 download.