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  • We can have confidence of God’s desire to heal based on one of his own covenant names. One that He himself chose to take up is Jehovah Rapha, 'The Lord, Your Healer.' Join Ken as he explains how to access the healing that our Father WANTS to give to each of us. [Currently available via MP3 download only.]
  • Paul said that many tribulations come to those entering the Kingdom of God. There are unique tribulations for those who are mothers. Join Ken as he expounds on these challenges in this Mother’s Day message. [Currently available via MP3 download only.]
  • Are there courts in heaven? If so, what are they? Is it necessary to go to the courts to have your prayers answered? Join Ken as he discusses one of the most controversial prayer strategies of the 21st century. (CD not yet available in Australia.)
  • In this message, Ken talks about he development of prophetic revelation through the 4000-year history of God’s people, including what it means when we say that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. He talks about prophecy in the early Church, and what the Scripture itself tells us we can expect between 2020 and 2040, based on the book of Daniel.
  • Entwined with the emergence of the new prophetic movement is a disturbing resurgence of the ancient error of gnosticism. Gnosticism isn’t just one teaching; it is an intertwined complex of beliefs that Paul himself taught against. In our time, the very things that concerned him are often not recognized as the threat that they are to the healthy, vital functioning of the Church, and of its prophetic ministries. In this message, Ken addresses the underlying beliefs of modern gnosticism, and points us back to a true, Jesus-centered prophetic ministry.
  • Samson's calling and emergence were gradual, and his lifestyle was far below the great grace on his life. Despite his victories, his compromises caught up with him and cost him dearly. In the depths of his failure, Samson found renewed connection to God. Like Samson, we can also rise from defeat to new strength and victory.
  • Christus Victor!

    To a first-century listener, the word “gospel” was an announcement by a new emperor that his reign had begun. The emperor would launch a campaign to subdue regions that didn’t submit to his reign, and the spoils of war went to the citizens of the realm. It was good news for those who submitted to the king of kings, but it signified impending defeat for the enemy. Join Ken as he explores this focus of Jesus’ ministry.
  • If we're to have a true, valid, and authentic ministry of any kind, it needs to look like the ministry of Jesus. Join Ken as he examines the practices of Jesus from the beginning of His ministry to great breakthrough and dominion over the works of the enemy in the end, by abiding in the Father, and the Father abiding in Him.
  • In this series, Ken discusses the central tenet of Christianity: the Resurrection of Jesus. However, the resurrection isn't just a fact of history; it is a present reality that informs our sentiments, our expectations, and our lifestyle. This series concludes with a discussion of our personal choices and actions in the face of a darkening world. 1. The Hope of the Resurrection 2. As a Thief In the Night 3. The Return of the King 4. How Shall We Then Live?
  • This message explores why the Kingdom of God remains as relevant of a message in our day as it was in the time of Jesus. Ken shows it applicability to modern life, and why it answers many of the unanswerable questions of modernity. This message is particularly apt for those who seek a robust apologetic to use in evangelism. Single CD or mp3 download.
  • The Kingdom Operator’s Manual

    This message explores the attitudes and lifestyle of a believer who is focused on expanding the Kingdom of God. It also discusses how these two factors cannot be separated from success in expanding the kingdom of God. Single CD or MP3 download.
  • In this series, Ken explores the meaning of the term “gospel,” what happens when people deviate from the original message of the gospel, and what happens when they stay on that message properly. Ken also walks through Acts to show the dynamic, rapid, and catalytic power of “Kingdom Breakout” when the message of the gospel is combined with the power of God. The teaching and stories of victory will stir your heart with passion to return to apostolic roots in ministering in a dark world. 4-CD set or mp3 downloads.
  • At the core of the message of the Kingdom of God is the hope that God is real, that he cares, and that he is prepared to act on behalf of his people. This message will incite faith in your heart that your life, your family’s life, and the life of your society can be different from what it is now. (This is a separate message from “The Kingdom of God”  – an in-depth 5 CD series.) Single CD or MP3 download.
  • The Bible states that Jesus came preaching about the Kingdom of God. This series explores the key aspects of the Kingdom of God in Jesus’ preaching, and why these are foundational to the current outpouring of the Spirit today. 5-CD set or MP3 downloads.