August 2023

She was completely healed in three days

I wanted to thank Mr. Fish so much for praying for two of my daughters last time he was in town. One daughter had been fighting an ugly rash around her mouth which he laid his hands on and prayed for and told her it usually takes 3 days for skin issues to heal after he prays. She was completely healed in three days. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for her! Also, our other daughter had been suffering from ear infections and within the week and her [ Read More ]

Hip healing

During the meeting we attended, while he was speaking, Ken pointed to the left side of the room and said he felt God wanted to heal someone’s left hip. Coming into the evening my right hip had been one of the things I was going to seek healing for. I waited until he had prayed for the left hip people.. And then he said he would open it up for anyone else. I stood up on the far right side of the room with my hands out and about ready to receive [ Read More ]

Orbis Prayers

Last week I was attended by two Orbis Prayers who spent considerable time helping me with a number of personal issues which needed divine work. I found this most beneficial, covering some issues which I had faced unsuccessfully before. There were, particularly, revelations of reasons for problems still existing in my advanced years and I believe that this will lead to significant changes in my life. My sincere thanks to those who so helped me. It was a blessing time. Rob | 07/12/2023 | Scotland UK

April 2023

I’ve been studying scriptures extensively…

I received a referral from a friend whom I met fairly recently at church. We instantly connected over a desire to see people free, to be used by God in helping others and having had similar experiences with dreams and visions and encounters with Holy Spirit. I’ve been studying scriptures extensively and listened to the first 4 Lessons on Basic Deliverance to learn not only from the teaching but also from God why He has had me memorizing a long list of scriptures used in this very teaching over the past couple [ Read More ]

Below is my testimony of how Jesus changed my life.

I can't help but marvel at how Jesus has completely changed my life. I had been searching and searching hard for something... I just did not realize that something was Jesus. This is partially because I thought I knew Him. I was raised in a Christian home, however, I missed the memo that my relationship with Jesus was my responsibility. My lack of Biblical literacy led me to believe that because I believed in Jesus I was saved. Conversion and being born again were foreign concepts to me. That's when Jesus changed [ Read More ]

March 2023

Over a year ago I downloaded the Orbis Ministries mobile app…

Over a year ago I downloaded the Orbis Ministries mobile app. I wanted to go straight to the healing teachings, but something said start at the beginning. I did and I’m glad. I’ve listened intently and prayerfully to all the elementary teachings. Here is the result: Our wayward son got in deep legal problems. He was deeply depressed. A younger brother with faith flew in from another state. We were to meet them for a meal. Meanwhile as we were getting into our car the prior Sunday morning we noted an ambulance [ Read More ]

April 2022

We find Inner Healing has been helpful for us

We have been sharing Ken's teaching at our small groups because as you may know our mission field [Southeast Asian nation - Ed.] is full of suffering and hurts in individuals and families. This is one of the main blockages here to church progress. Since we find Inner Healing has been helpful for us as we have been through with other churches' leaders. Here is a short testimony of how God has helped through Ken’s lessons. We have been in country for over 22 years now. We learned and experienced God's presence [ Read More ]

March 2022

I had a history of a hunched back.

I have a few testimonies from the weekend, and I will share this one now. I had a history of a hunched back. I had been significantly healed of if about 3 years ago, it runs in women in my family and is directly tied to misogyny. In the past 5 months however, I was under intense stress with my daughter developing psychiatric and neurological problems, which we know now is PTSD plus brain inflammation. Sadly, I felt shamed a couple times when bringing her repeatedly for prayer at our church and [ Read More ]

February 2022

I have canceled my future tattoo appointments …

Hello Ken and Orbis Ministries!! I just wanted to take a minute to let you know of the great work God did through you (and Chris L.) in me at the conference a few weeks back! I have had a tendency to receive or take on what people have to say about me- my whole life. This seems to be directly as well as indirectly. As a result I have taken on a false identity or five!! Throw in a strong gift of discernment and it’s been quite a recipe of confusion [ Read More ]

January 2022

Ministered deliverance for his grandmother

Jo, we're back in the US [from Costa Rica] but just wanted to forward a short note to thank you for keeping all of the many trip details in hand. It was a blessing to serve with Ken and our wonderful team. The program was exhausting but we learned a lot! There were so many good things to recount from the experience, but perhaps one that stands out a little more was hearing a testimony from one of the young men on the worship team. He put Ken's teaching into practice as [ Read More ]

Four healings after the prayer.

Hi Ken. You mentioned the prayer of healing from COVID, so I went on YouTube and found your prayer. I’ve shared with a few people and have heard of four healings after the prayer. God Bless!

December 2021

She could smell chocolate for the first time in over a year!

I [Ken] rarely write the testimony section myself, but I wanted to report on one healing from Costa Rica involving a woman who had a long-term case of COVID. She had not been able to smell or taste anything in over a year, although she did consistently smell rotting flesh. Some have asked why she smelled rotting flesh, and my only theory (and it is just a theory) is that perhaps COVID had damaged her sinus tissues sufficiently that they were gangrenous. Perhaps she was smelling that, but of course, there is [ Read More ]

Ignite Conference

Orbis Ministries, I have wanted to write for a while about the Ignite Conference but have been so busy with the end of the year business needs, it has delayed my communication. I had the privilege to be part of the prayer team and though the number of participants were light I thought it was a powerful time. Thank you Ken, Jo, Dr. Matt and Chris (and I am sure many more) for your efforts to make sure that all went smooth for those seeking prayer. One thing that Ken said when [ Read More ]


Ken, I am a woman from MorningStar that was in your training sessions and recently joined our "freedom teams." I wanted to let you know that on Wednesday night I prayed for someone online from a distance. She had a head injury years ago and had difficulty connecting thoughts and concentrating, to the extent that she could no longer function except for the basics. After we prayed, she messaged that her brain felt refreshed. She later sent me a dream she had that night which was clearly from God and she felt [ Read More ]

November 2021

This COVID prayer healed something that was NOT COVID!

I listened to Ken's prayer against COVID today and the most wonderful thing happened!!! As he was praying, I felt something in my lungs tingling. I have had a recurring shortness of breath from a previous trauma/fear. It would happen several times an hour. And now it's gone! Many hours have passed and it's completely gone!! This COVID prayer healed something that was NOT COVID! Thank you, Jesus!!!

I know I wasn’t the same.

Back in April 2021 Ken visited our church. Of course, when Ken comes, he has an awesome word and ministry. Saturday was a little different as Ken had finished his message and began to give prophetic words to folks. At one point he came up to me and grabbed my hand and lifted my arm. He began to give a word to me about being a man of prayer and calling me to move in this and have others join with me. It was caught off guard a bit, but I felt [ Read More ]

October 2021

Losing all taste and smell a year ago after getting COVID…

The other day I was at a friend's house who is also part of Kens group and she told me that Ken was having success with going after the spirit of COVID and seeing people healed. So, a few weeks later I went to pick up a painting of my wife's favorite dog and on the way over the Lord said I would be praying for someone, and so when I pulled into the farmhouse of the artist another lady pulled in behind me. The artist told her I was coming so [ Read More ]

The grief is definitely lifting.

Thank you Dr. Matthew and Ken Fish for your work with The Lord on inner healing with me. The grief is definitely lifting. I actually overslept this am and was only up once, a true breakthrough. I wanted to give you the positive feedback and report in case it can help others to come forward, reaffirm your work with God and empower your team!!! God bless you all!

September 2021

These courses in order have helped me work through layer by layer

We don’t get to choose the families, cultures or countries we live in. The enemy tries to take everything from us. He tries to crush us into a thousand pieces, to take us out early, and/or to get us to take our own lives. There is one thing the enemy can’t take from us – God’s love for us. Ken’s courses have been foundational for me in understanding God’s will for my life. My God loves me. My God wants me. My God wants me healed. My God wants me delivered. My [ Read More ]

August 2021

What was withheld was now TODAY released to me.

Hi Ken, I just wanted to share this testimony from my friend who you prayed for in NYC this past weekend. She was all the way in the back of the room, and you gave her a word about God restoring what the locusts have eaten. She's been unemployed for a while and had literally no money in her bank account but has still been faithfully hosting shabbat dinner for us every Friday and just trusting God would provide. Here's her story: "Testimony Time. I have to share because it's huge provision [ Read More ]

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