Hi Ken-Just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your teaching & training that you're doing online and traveling the world; Just to let you know after meeting you in Scotland and Speyer, [ Read More ]

Infected Implant

I had a bad and infected implant in R/H side bottom Jaw almost 5 years. I refused surgery used natural remedies to keep it under control. During Ken's visit in Australia i went forward [ Read More ]

A thank you

Just wanted to thank you Ken for your recent visit to Glorybound Church in Albuquerque. The topic you discussed regarding demons was life changing for me as I had some "attachments" going back to my [ Read More ]

Central Europe in Review

Princeton, NJ (2 June 2017) - I am in Princeton for my college reunion having just returned from central Europe. It was another remarkable trip. The Lord gave us great favor in Europe and he [ Read More ]

Widening the Circle

In 2011, the Lord was moving with great power and speed across Australia. He was igniting fires of passion, and there were some rather breathtaking encounters and signs and wonders. However, this wasn't revival (as [ Read More ]

New York Update #2 – 6 February 2017

New York City, NY (6 February 2017) - This morning began with a recording session at Trinity Broadcasting Network's New York studios. City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, who is also the pastor of a large church [ Read More ]

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